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Peter Gunz Explains He Still Loves Tara

Since Love & Hip Hop season 4 aired Peter Gunz’ social media status has grown tremendously. His twitter followers have gone from just 2,000 to 22,000 during the premiere night. His name was also a top ten trending topic for almost 24 hours. What’s driven this surge in popularity is the love triangle between his baby mama Tara Wallace and his side chick turned wife Amina Schmatl aka Buddafly. Now apparently the relationship between Peter and Amina was not known by his baby mama Tara who was living with him at the time. The two moved in together and Tara assumed he was settling down. But the entire fling came to light while filming was underway for Love & Hip Hop. So why did Peter Gunz choose a television show seen by millions every week to break the news to his girlfriend and then have the side chick tell his baby mama that they were married? Well he was ready to come clean about everything for the Breakfast Club crew. The first question they asked him was about his dirty feet! Okay!

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Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz

Peter Pankey Gunz Bio Wiki Net Worth

Birthday: January 1, 1967
Birthplace: Bronx, New York City, New York
Net Worth: $500 K
Children: Jamison, Peter Corey Gunz Jr., Kaz,
Grandchildren: Madison, McKenzie
Wife: Amina Buddafly

Peter Gunz JamisonPeter Gunz was born Peter Pankey in Bronx New York in 1967. When he was 20 years old he had his first child Peter Corey Gunz Jr who is currently signed to Young Money. He was featured on the Lil Wayne song 6 Foot 7. In the mid 90’s Peter teamed up with childhood friend Sean Hamilton known as Lord Tariq to form a rap duo. The had significant success international scoring a top ten hit and a Grammy nomination for “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)”. After his career fizzled Peter made his way behind the scenes and began managing several NY rappers and singers but none of their careers popped off. He eventually formed a Management team which consist of former Bad Boy employee Rich Dollaz.

Tara WallaceIn 2000 he met and fell in love with Tara Wallace. She is an educated Southern Belle from Mississippi. After college she moved to NY to pursue her acting career. To pay the bills she worked at Virgin Megastore on 14th Street in Downtown NY. There she met Peter who was shopping that day for DJ equipment. Tara has made it known that she didn’t know who Peter was the first time she met him. They exchanged numbers before he left. Just two days later they went on their first date. At the time Peter was at the top of his career and was doing financially well. He moved Tara into his Bronx apartment. Unfortunately after Gunz had several affairs including one that ended with him bearing a child Tara moved out and moved back to Mississippi.

Amina BuddaflyTara returned to NYC just 7 years ago and she and Peter Gunz got back together. They had two children together Jamison who is 5 and Kaz who is 3 years old. In 2013 Gunz began managing former Black Buddafly member Amina. Peter claims he fell in love with her and the two got married, yes Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly are married. They married in June while he was still dating Tara and just weeks before Love & Hip Hop season 4 began filming. This is just all too sloppy.

Peter Gunz Shares His Affair on Love & Hip Hop

Tara WallaceWhat is going on?? Watching the first episode of Love and Hip Hop NY, seemed like Groundhog’s day for me. The relationship between Amina and Peter Gunz looked all to familiar. If anyone has seen Love & Hip Hop Atlanta then you know how this is going to go down. Amina Buddafly is being managed by Peter Gunz. He claims he just manages her and that’s it. But Mona Scott somehow was able to catch Amina and Gunz in the studio making too many sounds, and I’m not talking about music.

Tara Wallace is a beautiful woman. She’s well educated, has her Bachelor’s Degree from Jackson State University and she is holding the finances down with a job as a Club Manager at one of NY’s hottest clubs. Tara is doing her thing but her man Peter is doing something else. Tara and Gunz have been together for 13 years. They have two children together Jamison and Kaz. But a few years ago Gunz had cheated on Tara but she never found out until she met the baby mama. Yes Gunz’ affair came to light when he got some random girl pregnant. After the heartache Gunz did what he could to get Tara back and she trusted him. But he is doing her dirty now and making her look like a fool in front of millions of viewers every Monday night.

Amina Buddafly On the first episode viewers are introduced to Amina as Gunz artist. Rich Dollaz and Yandy Smith have teamed up to create a record label. They hold a listening party to introduce Amina and announce their talent search for their joint label. Amina is talented. She can sing, write and produce her own music. Gunz and his girlfriend Tara Wallace are in the crowd and Tara is getting to meet Amina for the first time. The next scene Gunz is in the studio with Amina performing an original song and then things turn for the worst when they start kissing.

Tara Peter GunzThe next morning Gunz meets his girlfriend Tara in the park. Tara knows something is up when Gunz forgets to pick up their son from school and he didn’t even call her last night while he was in the studio. Tara pulls up an Instagram photo of the Peter and Amina a little too close. Gunz denies it but it’s later revealed that Gunz and Amina are married. Yes they are married. She is officialy Mrs. Pankey and has a tattoo on her back brandin herself as his. Oh god. Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi all over again but this thing is a hotter mess.