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Peter Gunz Explains He Still Loves Tara

Since Love & Hip Hop season 4 aired Peter Gunz’ social media status has grown tremendously. His twitter followers have gone from just 2,000 to 22,000 during the premiere night. His name was also a top ten trending topic for almost 24 hours. What’s driven this surge in popularity is the love triangle between his baby mama Tara Wallace and his side chick turned wife Amina Schmatl aka Buddafly. Now apparently the relationship between Peter and Amina was not known by his baby mama Tara who was living with him at the time. The two moved in together and Tara assumed he was settling down. But the entire fling came to light while filming was underway for Love & Hip Hop. So why did Peter Gunz choose a television show seen by millions every week to break the news to his girlfriend and then have the side chick tell his baby mama that they were married? Well he was ready to come clean about everything for the Breakfast Club crew. The first question they asked him was about his dirty feet! Okay!

Peter GunzEveryone has been going in on Peter through social media just attacking him for what he has done to his girl Tara but beyond the love triangle he is a normal guy. We get to see another side to him in the interview. Peter explained his financial situation is not what people thought. Although he had a Grammy nominated hit with Uptown Baby, he made nothing off of it. They got the clearance for the sample in the song which all their royalties went to the original song writers. After the lawsuit they had to pay them $105,000 to clear the sample then all the royalties from the record. Ouch!

Peter Gunz interviewHe also claims he wasn’t trying to be Stevie J! He never seen the show before filming began. It was Rich Dollaz that got him on the show and his love triangle was revealed. Peter also explains today he is officially with Amina. It was the end of his relationship with Tara, “we were in a dark place.”

Peter Gunz still loves his boo Tara and he takes care of her rent and financially supports his children.

Angela Yee Breakfast CLub interviewing Peter GunzAlthough Peter has been in the game for a long time he lives in a tiny apartment in Queens with his girl Tara. He’s made some paper managing artist including his son Corey who got signed to Young Money in 2011. He explained that the first scene of Love & Hip Hop where he was in the apartment talking to Amina he had just finished playing around outside in the yard with his sons which explains the horrible foot in the shot.

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